Blog startup for dummies…

Step #1
Google “how to start a blog”
Correction, “how to start a FREE blog”
I temporarily forgot I was on a budget.

Step #2
Enter the amazing world of Word Press.
Answer about three simple questions.
Press “start” or something like that.
So far, so good.

Step #3
You now have a blog.
Wow, this is so easy!

Step #4
Tell friends publicly, I’m starting a blog. I know they secretly laugh at me, shaking their heads with disbelief.

Step #5
A million questions come to mind. Enter the complication factor…
What do I call it?
Brilliant Name pops into my brain.
This hardly ever happens so I figure I am in luck.
Already taken?
How is that possible? There are other brilliant people out there?
Okay, second most brilliant name comes to mind.
Settle for “whatever” – by the way, that’s taken too. Fine. Insert subpar name here.

Now, what should it look like?
Is the title, the same as the blog name, which is the same as my sign on name? Uggggh!

I resort to, just pressing enough buttons and something sticks.

Step #6
Regret telling friends that I’m starting a blog.

Step #7
Decide to change the name of the blog. Or was that the title I changed? Or the sign on? Oh my, can I even log on to my own blog now? Charlie Brown moment settles in.

Finally I decide that maybe my ministry in life is to share my sometimes completely blond and unbelievably absurd things that happen in my life to encourage those out there that mistakenly think they are having a bad day. They can always point to me and say, but at least I don’t have her issues.

If you can read this, congratulations, you’re way smarter than me. But then, you probably knew that.

6 thoughts on “Blog startup for dummies…”

  1. Nice work so far, Mary! A couple tips:

    1. Post regularly. (At least once a week.)

    2. Make your posts short with short paragraphs and photos if possible. (People are too busy to read long missives on a regular basis.)

    3. Respond to people in the comments section. (They like to think they’re important.)

    4. Learn how to SCHEDULE POSTS so that if you think of something brilliant to say today, then you can have it post automatically next week, when perhaps you have a little less inspiration.

    I look forward to following your bloggy exploits!


    1. Thanks Diana! My posts will definitely be short because I tend to have just little micro bursts of inspiration and wisdom. I especially like number 4 on your list, as that is very me. Brilliance is a slippery thing, isn’t it? Thanks for the encouragement!


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