It’s okay to cry over spilled coffee

I have a confession. One of my very most favoritest sounds in the whole world is the morning beep, beep, beep from my coffee pot that signifies that everything is going to be all right. Aaah, the multi-sensory experience of the steam tickling my nose as I pour it in to my waiting cup, the heavenly aroma of the golden treasure fills my heart with happiness. I anticipate the taste of that first sip as I sit down with my Bible to start my day.

But not today.

As I waited for the familiar beep, my inpatience got the best of me and I decided to hover in the vicinity of the pot. However, what met me instead was a puddle of brown goodness pooling under the pot and down the front of the cupboard. Deep sadness. Before I knew what had happened to cause the coffee chaos, I considered the possibility of collecting the stream trickling off the counter and into a cup. But, I did think better of that idea.

My heart was quite somber. Not only was there no coffee now. There might never be again from my faithful friend. Enter Drama Queen.

To my delight, I realized that when I cleaned the pot and filter last night, I reassembled the spout for the filter wrong and it was pouring out of the pot instead of into it. Aha, coffee dilemma solved.

As I made another pot of coffee, I marveled that one small thing could completely cause everything to go haywire. And I pondered, isn’t that just like life? I get “off” in one area and it dominoes into other areas? You’d think the puddle around me would signal that there was a problem, but sometimes I think I just slodge on through without even noticing it.

But, when I hover in God’s Word, He graciously shows me my own misdirection that is causing me to be not only ineffective but creating anything but a sweet smelling aroma.

Just as I cry over spilled coffe, I clean it up and start over, I am thankful that God doesn’t leave me crying over my own failures. His mercies are new every morning. Every day I can start over with a new pot. Er, a new heart. And for that, I rejoice.

4 thoughts on “It’s okay to cry over spilled coffee”

    1. I think it’s why I started the blog and named it what I did – because of events just like this one with the coffee this morning. I see God in my everyday life. I am usually the comic relief, but hey, I figure life’s serious enough! It’s good to laugh.


  1. It’s so true! I woke up one morning after having stayed up until 2 AM doing a work project and having an 8 AM appointment, only to find that our coffee maker had decided to DIE that very day.

    Thankfully, I remembered that it is possible to make coffee without a coffee maker, and after steeping hot water with coffee grounds, then filtering out as much as possible, I was rewarded with one of the best cups of coffee I had ever had.

    Sometimes it seems like God allows these little bumps to show up in the road to help us keep our eyes on what we may be missing that is right in front of us.

    Do you remember what Bible verse you got to read that morning after the coffee incident?


    1. Oh, I like that coffee filter trick. Will have to remember that one. My brain only went as far as… Starbucks is close. 🙂

      I was reading in Esther during my Bible time. Chapter 8 where the Jews were celebrating the new decree with great joy and feasting. See, I just wanted to feast with them. Especially after all that fasting. 🙂


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