Maybe He knows

If I could say just one thing to God, it would be, “please don’t give up on me.”

And though I know Biblically He won’t. His word promises that. Still my heart fears and can’t fathom the great patience and love that He has for me.

But if I were God, I would have given up on the likes of me a long time ago. I’d probably say something like… “Can’t you possibly get it together yet? And when you do, can’t you keep it together? You will never learn. You will never change.”

Thank God that I am not God because…

Maybe He knows that I can’t possibly get it together without Him & someday I will get a clue of that.

Maybe He knows that I am weak and forget to lean on Him for strength when I do things on my own.

Maybe He knows that I will fail a thousand times but every time I will cry out to Him again.

Maybe He knows His tender Father’s heart of love for me.

Maybe He knows that though my efforts are weak, some days they are all I have.

Maybe He knows that my definition of success and His are vastly different.

Maybe He knows that I am not as smart as I think I am, and that I am still learning to be a fool for Him.

Maybe He knows that I forget to be eternally minded and focus on temporary stuff.

Maybe He knows that my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.

Maybe He knows that deep down inside my soul longs and aches to be in His presence. To see Him face to face. To hear, “well done good and faithful servant.”

And when I do, then maybe I will truly know that He will never give up on me. I’m so glad He’s God.


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