To die or not to die?

“Did you know that the word D-I-E is in DIETING?” my daughter asked me with a smirk. Her 19 year old metabolism can handle a Mocha Frappucino laden with whipped cream. Mine can’t.

“Shut up” I promptly replied. Of course I knew it. I experienced it daily.
Most of the time, I just try not to think about food, but that’s like forgetting to breath. I mean, God created taste buds didn’t He? I like to make the most of mine.

However, I recently started a new diet regime that seems to be going well. I have two Herbalife shakes a day and one meal, which in my case, is dinner. And lots of water. Water is free. Well, yeah. But no more junk food for me. In the process, I’ve learned a few things, like:

1. People who are on diets should not open their kitchen cupboards at home if they live with a junk food junkie, like my daughter. Every time I see the vast array of banned foods inside, I have to remind myself, it is after all my choice. Really.

2. My son, who at 16 years old, actually wants to gain weight, gets on the scale for a completely different reason than me. A couple weeks ago he informed me that our scale was “off”. At the doctor’s office he had weighed five pounds more. I gave him a look that said, “if you continue this conversation, I just might hurt you.” To which he responded with, “but I’m sure that’s just for men.” Since that day, I step on the scale and check for results a lot less. No longer on speaking terms with the contraption. There’s still hope for my son.

3. The other thing I have learned is that when I sit down to eat dinner, no matter what it is, I have a new appreciation for food. I feel like Bob in What About Bob when he’s eating with his Psychologist and family. He goes crazy with the mmmmm’s. Apparently, the man hasn’t experienced delicious food in a while and deeply enjoys it. That’s me. My kids just laugh. But I am thankful for food, for taste buds to enjoy it and the self-discipline that helped me through the day until dinner time.

4. Sometimes I get on the scale and see good results. Other times, squat. And some days, well let’s just say, my scale is having a bad number day. I don’t like those days. But I know I can’t give up. Although positive results are encouraging, every good eating choice I make IS good for me, no matter what I see. I must stay the course. Because is stopping even a choice? Just like Bob, it might only be making baby steps. But even babies eventually learn to run.

I have come to realize that the same discipline can be applied to my prayer life. I need to avoid the cupboards of temptation – the thoughts of discouragement, self pity and depression, and avoid those who wallow in them.

I need to stop looking for results with every baby step I take in life but instead just keep doing what is right. No matter what.

I need to stop and enjoy what God has given me. Send a few “mmmmm’s” up to God as I savor His goodness.

And lastly, I need to never give up. Although God does indeed answer prayer, my list is revolving. Some items are crossed off, others added. Some feel like they have taken up permanent residence there. But, I must keep praying. Just as I DIE in my DIETING, I must die to myself. It’s my choice to appreciate God’s goodness. And to stop allowing my attitude to be measured by what I see. And give up? Where else can I go? Who else has the power to work in my life like God? No, I have learned that it is the baby steps of persistent prayer that moves mountains.

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