Wrapping paper and other judgments

In my house, we have two very different kinds of people. Those that can wrap a gift with perfect precision, complete with a matching ribbon and gift tag, nary a bit of tape showing, and those that, well, let’s just say should really stick to using gift bags and tissue paper.

I would like to share an example of two presents I was given by my children this last Christmas. The names have been partially not mentioned to protect the… obvious.

As I looked at these two gifts before me, a slight smirk came across my face. These wrapping jobs perfectly epitomize the personalities of my two teens.

Child One is so detail oriented down to every song on his iTunes playlist not only being in its own playlist but also its own genre category, complete with authentic cover art and lyrics that show on the screen as the song is being played. And to think some of us just want to listen to music.

Child Two couldn’t care less if cover art or lyrics are with her songs, instead she just cranks the tunes as her room and desk are usually completely covered with her current projects in process.

However, regardless of the wrapping paper on my Christmas gifts, which has now long since been thrown away, both presents inside were something I truly wanted and symbolized my children’s thoughtfulness to me.

Although the first gift was no doubt wrapped nicer, the contents were no more special.

If you’ve ever gone to a white elephant gift exchange, inevitably the first thing we all go for is the nicest wrapped present. Do we find a gem inside? Maybe. But the outside wrapping certainly doesn’t guarantee that. It just looks pretty.

But how many of us operate that way in our judgment of people. The homeless guy walking through town pushing a shopping cart, the elderly widow who won’t stop talking to us, the teen in youth group covered in piercings. The wrapping paper is torn, doesn’t match or there isn’t a pretty bow. So, they are not our first choice to reach out to, if ever.

How sad for those who are overlooked because they are not cool enough or savvy enough to keep up with worldly standards. How sad for us. Truly our lives are less because we have missed out on knowing a treasure of great worth.

The next time you come across someone who is wrapped up different than you, I encourage you, take some time. Open the gift. You just might be surprised at what’s inside.

After all, that is what our Heavenly Father does as, “man looks at the outside, but God looks at the heart.”

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