Wish You Were Here

This is honest and truly the first Book Review I have ever done. But, I  guess you’re never too old, right? What is that saying about teaching an old dog…

My friend and fellow writer, Beth Vogt is launching her debut fiction novel next week. To help her kick off the fun, I’d like to share a little with you about her wonderful story that I had the pleasure of reading.

If you don’t like my reviewer skills, have mercy, but still read the book. You’ll be glad you did. So, here goes…

“Wish You Were Here” by Beth K. Vogt is a lesson in letting go of what we think is good for our lives in order to grab hold of God’s best for us.

Allison Denman likes life neat, orderly and predictable. At least she thinks so until a kiss wrecks havoc on the control she thought she had. Now she’s left to analyze what would cause her to kiss her fiancé’s brother just days before her own wedding. Talk about adding in a little color into her otherwise black and white world!

On the verge of being suffocated by a big mistake, she pulls out of the wedding, the dress and the relationship. After so many years of organizing her life, she finally runs away from her own plans and runs to the Lord to ask what His plan is.

This story is filled with times when you cry with Allison one moment then crack up at the unexpected things that happen to her next. In addition, I caught myself swooning over dreamy Daniel and wanting to slug uptight Seth.

Overall, I found myself either laughing out loud or crying until the very end. That equates to two thumbs up in my book. A very enjoyable read.

If you are interested, you can preorder the book now. And remember her name as many other books will be released by her in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here”

  1. Mary! I think it’s an excellent review and certainly makes me want to read the book! I love bride stories and especially ones that have humor, as well as make me cry 🙂
    You done good 😉


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