One Thing

The ebb and flow of life. Some times are out of control busy, some are relatively quiet – or at least provide a “calm before the storm”. Nevertheless, time inevitably does go forward, our seasons of life evolving with each new stage. And we change with it.

For instance, I remember fondly a time when I used to be able to focus. But, that was before.

Before I began to exist in the midst of semi-structured chaos.

Before I had so many areas of my life to juggle I forgot to eat cause it wasn’t on one of my continuously overflowing lists of things to do.

Those days I could afford to be judgmental of the less capable poor souls who couldn’t do everything and do it all perfectly. Then I got a life. A big one. A very big and busy one. Little did I know just how very much can rest on one’s shoulders during the course of just an ordinary day.  You see, I was delusional because with my pittance of a list and a hearty supply of leftover brain cells, I felt like superwoman. The funny thing is, I do significantly so much more today but my super powers have all been drained. Most days, I just follow the roller coaster motto, “get in, sit down, shut up and hang on.” Because life truly has a mind of its own.

I miss those before days. Looking back now they seemed so easy. At least in comparison to the monstrosity of items I juggle today. I can create a list so long that I get lost in the blur of the words on paper because too many things scream out, “pick me, pick me.”

So, I have created a brilliant solution. I now have NINE lists. Hi my name is Mary and I’m a Type A. It’s been ten minutes since creating my last list.

I guess technically it is one humungous list with nine columns, one for each area of things to do. You see the plan is, move the most important stuff from each area to the top of its column and I will be able to simultaneously see and thus conquer those with the highest need.

Well, it’s a theory anyways…work with me. I figure this way I should be able to successfully juggle more efficiently. Now if I could just create more hours in the day and more energy for my tired, old body.

Ironically though, I think if the Lord did give me more time in the day, I’d just use it doing more stuff. And, sadly, I’d probably still not have enough time because I’d be continually adding on more.

So, if adding more isn’t helping, what will? Subtracting? My math mind does not compute that logic, but in actuality that is exactly what Scripture tells us to do. Remember the story of Martha and Mary? Unfortunately, I am not like my namesake. Instead I am Martha, the one scrambling around like a banshee trying to prepare the perfect meal, inwardly seething that others aren’t helping me. Meanwhile, Mary chills at the feet of Jesus and hangs on His every word.

But for all Martha’s stress, what did it get her? Nothing but an ulcer. Instead, Jesus said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things but only a few things are necessary, really only one, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

How big was Martha’s list? How big was Mary’s? For that matter, how big is mine? Sheesh, nine columns.

Certainly those were simpler times with no email or phone calls to return, or soccer practice but, maybe, just maybe the size of the list isn’t really what’s important – it’s making sure that the ONE thing Jesus mentioned is on the top of the list. Every day. To sit at His feet and hear from Him because He alone is the calm IN the storm and can sustain us in the midst of our chaotic lives.

Do you have ONE thing on your list today?

4 thoughts on “One Thing”

  1. This is what you wrote in my English bible, summer 1990: The Lord has new manna for us each day….
    Thank you for sharing!


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