A Wimp Like Me

I’m sort of a wimp. Okay, scratch that. I’m totally a wimp.

I don’t like driving too fast, or on mountain roads without guard rails. I’m claustrophobic and don’t sleeping in a completely dark room. And I especially don’t like the unknown. Problem is, life is full of unknowns.

But, out of all the scary things I hate, fog is probably pretty high on the list. Not cute little wisps that are nothing more than a passing puff. But the thick pea soup kind.  When you can’t see your hand in front of your face kind.

Living in the mountains at an elevation of 8500 feet, we tend to get more weather heading up the Pass than the lowlanders in Colorado Springs. More snow. More rain. And yes, fog.

Although I usually will drive through it, I don’t like it. Okay, that’s putting it lightly. I can almost hyperventilate with just the thought of it.

Not too long ago was one of those times. Fortunately my husband was driving and all I had to concentrate on was breathing.  But as the air grew tight in the car and fog threatened to squeeze us to death, I finally blurted out to my husband who was continually to casually cruise along, “how can you drive in this when you can’t see?” He pointed out the almost obscured window and replied,”I just look for the line.”

A minute passed and the fog impossibly grew worse.  My hyperventilating began to cause heart palpitations. I asked him again, “What happens when you can’t even see the line?” His calm response? “I just keep driving because I know it’s there.” What?!

I don’t quite have that much trust. As a matter of fact, I tend to think of myself as Missouri-The Show Me State. I want to see it. Very clearly. With neon signs and spot lights if possible. Thank you very much.

Well, not only does weather not always cooperate this way. Neither does the Lord. Trust me He says, I am still there. When you can’t see anything but that strip in front of you – I am the line. Follow me. When you can’t even see the line – I am still there, I have just removed your sight for a while. But the way is sure and still the same.

Ah, when will I learn? I don’t know. But I do know He is giving me daily opportunities to try again. Apparently He doesn’t know what a wimp I am. Or maybe He just does His best work through wimps like me.

How about you? Scary stuff in your life? How do you navigate difficult paths before you?

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