Not Quite There Yet: A lesson in waiting

99% may be pretty good as it relates to a grade in school but not when it pertains to getting to a destination. Being short is, well, just short. It won’t get you there. It will get you close. But not all the way.

This would be like the children of Israel wandering around in the desert for forty years and then getting to the border of the Promised Land but never entering it. Living on the fringe, seeing where you want to be doesn’t really bring satisfaction. Nothing short of taking that final step truly does.

My husband and I have tried to sell our house in the mountains and move down to Colorado Springs. Key word, “tried”. Like for three years tried. Nada. Zip. Nothing. Zero percent.

At first we looked at houses in the Springs that we’d be interested in buying. We even fell in love with a few. And then they sold. But still ours didn’t. It quickly became a lesson in futility.

Until one day when we found a cute little house that was a For Sale By Owner. This time when we fell in love a deal was struck and we went into contract with a contingency. Something we heard no one does anymore. Then our house sold with a contingency based on the purchase of the house in the Springs. Again, not normal. But our full price buyer didn’t even do an inspection and was prepared to close quickly. We were flying high at the open road before us.

Item after item in the process continued to fall easily into place putting us on a clear path with no obstacles on our journey – even to the extent that several days before we closed the sellers allowed us to get in early and paint the new house. Yep, things couldn’t have been going any smoother.

Until a fire broke out. A forest fire of epic proportions. The Waldo Canyon Fire. The largest the state has ever experienced. Where was it located? Directly in between the two houses.

Then the main highway that connects the two homes closed. This gave new meaning to the phrase “you can’t get there from here.” Our 40 minute direct route became a 3 hour drive around. Enter speed bump #1.

When both homes went on pre-evacuation status, our buyers called us. It seems a moratorium was instituted halting new homeowner’s insurance policies and they had to put a hold on closing escrow with us – scheduled for the next morning. Speed bump #2.

Soon afterwards the sellers called us to say that a switch in wind had brought the fire dangerously close to them and the house we were buying and they were now part of a mass evacuation. They would not be selling anything today. Speed bump #3.

The next morning, which should have been our move out day, the fire grew closer to our house and when we should have been moving out, we were being evacuated. Speed bump #4.

99% of the way. That’s where we were. Everyone wanted to buy. Everyone wanted to sell. But at the end of the day would either house even be left standing?

Smooth sailing, blue skies, clear roads til we hit a big DO NOT ENTER. Is this just a delay and the figurative road to escrow will reopen any moment or did we come this far just to turn around and go back? I really don’t know since we are only 99% of the way there.

I do know that it is true that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but this does not always seem to be what God has in mind. Maybe He has a few things to teach us as we go over the river and through the woods.  Maybe He wants us to truly trust Him. Maybe He wants us to quit plotting our own course. Or maybe He wants to be the driver and the navigator.

One thing I have learned is to not only live day to day but moment to moment, to lean in to Him when I don’t understand and ultimately to rest in the changing wind and to trust the One who blows the wind. He alone can take me the rest of the way there.

How about you? Any areas of your life you are 99% of the way there? How are you trusting God for the last 1%? What has He taught you as you wait?

10 thoughts on “Not Quite There Yet: A lesson in waiting”

  1. *raises hand* Um, yeah. I’ve gotten 99% there before. It’s still not there and in some things 99% might as well be 0%. Now if I lost 99% of the weight I need to lose that’d be a victory.


  2. *raises hand* Um, yeah, I’ve been to the No Man’s Land of 99% there. In fact I seem to have set up camp there. It’s so close and yet it can seem completely empty. It’s not like a silver or bronze in the Olympics. It’s more like surviving a shipwreck only to drown in sight of the shore.


    1. Oh Evangeline, this explains why I thought of you while I wrote this. God knows your journey. You will not drown. I picture you more like Rocky – arms raised and victorious in the end. Of course, he did get the snot beat out of him a few times. 🙂


  3. Our trust is in a faithful, good God, whose character dictates his every action. So sorry to see how your plans were interrupted. I feel your frustration and pain!! But of course you know that we are a part of something much bigger than us. I’ll be praying for you as you wait on the Lord– positive that He has your very best interests in mind. And his glory. It will be worth it all.


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