I wanna laugh

The Bible says that laughter is good medicine. I couldn’t agree more. It brightens your outlook and puts a smile on your face.

Being a blonde, my daily life always seems to provide plenty of humorous material. Mostly laughter directed at myself, nevertheless, it is laughter.

On a recent ministry trip, one of my husband’s travelling partners walked up to a rousing conversation taking place and inserted, “I wanna laugh”. That of course brought more laughter. But, don’t we all? I know I do. I wanna laugh.

But some seasons in life I struggle to find anything funny. Life can be depressingly hard. The tunnel vision we get at these times only makes it seem worse. It is during these difficult times, we need a new perspective. To replace the laughter with a deeper peace and joy. Here is what the Lord has spoken to my heart during one such time.


• Read the Word & focus on the Lord. Worship Him because He is worthy. Rest in that alone.

• Don’t take everything others do personally & become emotionally fragile.

• Get a plan for the day and implement it – no matter what attitudes I encounter from others.

• Live life and let joy show. Do fun things no matter what the mood of myself or others.

• Recognize that as a parent I can only influence my kids’ decisions, I can’t make them. They will make bad ones and I can’t always stop that. Some kids will take the ugliest path and end up in the pig trough. Pray for them to recognize their brokenness and come back.

• Recognize God is in control. He knows, He sees, He hurts, He loves. He has a plan. The Holy Spirit can move in ways I never could. Never forget that with God nothing is impossible.

• Recognize that even lousy days, weeks and years do not last forever.

• Recognize that as bad as life can be at times, there is an eternity in heaven that God has prepared for me. One day I will be before Him forever.

• My life is fleeting. Days are short. Live them well. Live them strong. Lean on Him. There is no other strength for the day or hope for the heart.

• He is SO worthy. I am a child of God before I am a wife, mother or anything else. And will be long afterward.

• Strive to live in such a way to hear one day “well done, good and faithful servant.”

I pray for you to have laughter in abundance when times are good. And a peace that passes understanding when times are tough.

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