But God

a-to-z-letters-bBut God. Two of my favorite words in the Bible, widely used throughout both the Old and New Testament.

I don’t mean, you ask God for something and He says no, and in toddler-arguing fashion, you reply with, “But God *insert whine here*…”

No, this term either denotes a contrast or states that something bad was going to happen BUT GOD…intervened. Changed the course. Rescued…

BUT GOD is like having an omnipresent but invisible hero on your side.

I love a good story. A rescue. The beaten down & worthless feeling hope again. Mostly when it’s me.

Maybe because I do feel beaten down by life. Sometimes I’d clearly concede. BUT GOD steps in. Rescues, refreshes and renews my strength.

“My flesh & my heart faileth, BUT GOD is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

Do you have a BUT GOD story to rejoice in today? If not, ask Him to give you one. Then thank Him for it.

10 thoughts on “But God”

  1. But God is pretty awesome. I’ve been waiting for a But God moment today, because it’s been a pretty crummy day. And then reading your post reminded me that I HAVE God, which makes any day a good day.


  2. It is one of my favorite phrases in scripture as well! Today, I have been sick and lying on my couch. But God in His goodness has given me sweet kids and a husband who have taken care of me (and themselves!). So thankful for His never ending faithfulness!


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