Forgiving the Forgetful


Lately I have been doing and saying dumb things. Yes, just lately. And yes, these are dumb even for my degree of blondness.

You see, I’ve been sick. At least that’s my excuse anyway. I’d like to believe that I didn’t really forget what year it was or if I lived on Drive or Street.

Maybe my brain is just full, and things like remembering the year just didn’t make the cut. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll just pretend it’s not important. But no one can quite describe that moment when you start to write a check and you have to ask someone what the date is. When they answer with the day and the month, you wonder, how stupid you would sound if you told them you also need the year.

Recently I got together with a friend whose mother in law has Alzheimer’s. She shared with me some of the trials of living with someone like this – when you tell her where you’re going then ten minutes later she’s upset with you for not letting her know what’s going on.

Now me, I’d just laugh hysterically at them. Okay, probably just internally. But my friend is full of grace and told me how the Lord is teaching her to just repeat what she already said, without giving a clue that it was being repeated. This gets the message across without the other person feeling dumb. Imagine that.

Then I got to wondering if this is how God must feel about me. I keep asking the same things over and over. He just graciously replies, yes, I do still love you, Mary.

Once upon a time, I was full of energy and way too perfect for my britches, so maybe it’s good that the Lord has allowed me to be humbled in this way, so that I can learn to forgive the forgetful too. As I am clearly one of them.

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