Home or Hotel?

a-to-z-letters-hWhen our children were little my husband cashed in some airline miles and booked not only airfare but a beautiful hotel in Hawaii for a family vacation.

The resort was gorgeous and our room included a full breakfast which consisted of an Omelet chef and all the fresh mango one could possibly consume. I thought I was in heaven.

We snorkeled, rented a jeep, toured the island, had fresh pineapple ice cream from the Dole plantation. We even went to church on the beach. It was amazing.

But when our time was over and after a long flight, we were wiped out. Driving home from the airport, all anyone wanted was to just be home in their own bed.

Vacations are like that. Nice but exhausting. When it’s over, all we really long for is home. Because after all, hotels are nice but they’re only meant for temporary stays.

In case we’re getting either too weary or too comfortable on this earth, Scripture tells us this world is not our home. It’s just a prelude.

In the Hebrews Hall of Faith passages, it lists the saints before Christ that died still desiring a “better country, that is a heavenly one.” (Hebrews 11:16)

As a Believer in Christ, I know that feeling. I too desire that better country. To leave this hotel and rest forever in our heavenly home.

How about you?

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