Kindness in Action

Kindness, it seems, is in short supply these days.

But not with my daughter.

Kindness is a trait she exemplifies well. Even though she doesn’t think it’s a big deal. She doesn’t try to manufacture it or force it out, it’s just there.

When someone’s sick, she’s the first to ask what she can do. When someone’s sad, she’s the first to give a hug. When someone’s feeling down, she’s the first to listen. Basically, she’s the one you want in your side of the ring.

Yesterday she had a bad day. Bad with a capital B. The kind where you want to just crawl under the covers and hide from the world. But she didn’t.

She went off to her college classes. And things got worse.

And do you know what I saw when I picked her up? She wasn’t all alone sulking. She was sitting outside next to a girl talking, laughing & hugging.

Apparently, she noticed this girl (who she had never met before) sitting there looking very forlorn. My daughter’s heart was moved.

She sat down next to her and asked her, “Are you okay”? The girl replied with, “You ever just have one of those days”? Um, yeah.

The girl poured out her heart and the two of them commiserated with each other and before you know it, were smiling together. Before she left, my daughter asked her if she’d like a hug and the girl replied with… “that would be really nice”.

Kindness. In action. The way I think the Lord meant it to be.

Such simple actions and yet it brought tears to my eyes. Mostly because my daughter herself was feeling forlorn but that didn’t stop her from reaching out to encourage someone else. She didn’t over think the situation, she just acted. My daughter inspires me.

And truly, why shouldn’t we treat others this way, if we have received the kindness of God.

Romans 2:4 says “Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?”

What? Did you catch that? It’s not the ignoring us in our sinful state or beating us over the head that causes us to recognize our need of repentance. No, it’s His kindness. Basically His heart hugs us to Him.

Now that is good news.

Have you received the Lord’s kindness? If so, what are you doing to pass it on?

7 thoughts on “Kindness in Action”

  1. I love this, Mary. I too have seen your daughter’s kindness in action. And yours as well. In fact, I recall a conversation about reaching out to others when we are hurting and how that can change our focus. It seems to me that practice is common in the Agius family.

    Love you guys!


  2. I needed this verse about kindness… it is a perfect ending to a blog I’ve been working on! And it strikes me that the Bible is appropriate for every situation. My blog is completely different and yet, its conclusion is the same. It always comes down to God and His great lovingkindness!


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