In Southern CA, everything’s close. Shopping, restaurants, your neighbors, your neighbor’s house, your neighbor’s dog, every car in the county sitting on the parking lot they call a freeway. They’ve got nothing but near togetherness.

Houses have that quaint “pass the pie through the window” to the neighbor closeness. Whether you like the neighbors or not.

So, when we escaped to Colorado, from the urban sprawl in California, we finally felt we could spread out a little.

We bought a cedar-sided Colorado style home on ¾ of an acre lot. Come to find out, people in that town didn’t consider that big. Less than 3 acres, is just cute. Little did we know.

I think nearness also pertains to relationships. For most people, we like a little space. Others require 3 acres of distance. If not more.
Rare is the friend that we want to pass a pie to right next door. But for me, there is one.

James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

There may be a great many people in my life I’d like a bit more space away from, but the only one that my spirit deeply craves to be nearer to is God Himself. The fact that He promises that if I step toward Him, He’ll step toward me makes me so happy.

That’s a pie I’ll take.

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