Learning from Xerxes & an Xtra special lady

King Xerxes was a piece of work. As if 180 days of “displaying the riches of his royal glory and the splendor of his great majesty” weren’t enough. He then threw a seven-day long party, inviting anyone who was anyone. Finally, when he was good & drunk he summoned for the queen so she too could be on display.

Except she wouldn’t come.

Maybe because she was in the middle of a party of her own. Or, maybe she didn’t like parades where she was the only float.

Either way, it didn’t bode well for her. The king went looking for a replacement. Technically he sent his staff to find his next trophy wife.

Only he got Esther. Appointed by God.

Poor guy didn’t know what hit him.

He not only held a beauty pageant to cream the crop – so to speak. But the top picks were taken to the palace & given a one year mandatory spa membership. Then the contestants each got one night alone with the king so he could choose the winner. Sound degrading? Um, yeah.

Enter Esther. Never to exit. She was not just another contestant. Scripture says that “she found favor” with the king.

But, you see, there was more to her than just a pretty face. What King X got was a young Hebrew lady who was both innocent in beauty & pure in heart. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

He was ready to give her half the kingdom if she wanted it. But she didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to receive worldly goods. Although she was certainly entitled to it.

As I look at her life, Esther has become rather a hero of mine. No, not just because of her external beauty. Although that wouldn’t be so bad. But what she was able to accomplish because of her faithful conduct.

• Because of her humble spirit, she found favor & kindness with the king. Not such a bad thing to have with the ruler of the land.

• She saved the king’s life by warning of a death threat on him.

• When her own people’s lives were threatened she put her life on the line. The king could call her in to his presence anytime he felt like it but she, even as the new queen, could not just stroll in there uninvited. But she did.

• She was an excellent ambassador both in her methods & her speech.

• She delivered the Jews by revealing the plot of the evil Haman. He and his 10 sons were put to death.

• After her people had victory over their oppressors, she instituted the feast of Purim. Which is still celebrated to this day.

• Her uncle Mordecai not only received the king’s signet ring but became 2nd in authority in the land – only beneath the king.

Not bad for a young orphan gal living in a foreign land.

She had two things in her favor. 1. Her faithfulness to her God and people. 2. The realization that maybe God had put her in that place “for such a time as this.”

Who knows what we can accomplish by embracing these two things as well.

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