The Blue Screen of Death

Anyone who’s ever used a computer for any length of time eventually encounters the notorious yet very unwelcome “Blue Screen of Death” signifying that a crash is imminent. Mine happened yesterday.

My laptop, after serving me faithfully for nearly five years, is steadily creeping toward a forced retirement. No big surprise with all the abuse I have put it through. Not to mention that I share it with my teenage son. The poor device hardly gets a break.

There were certainly warning signs along the way. An unhappy fan that runs loud and hot. An operating speed reminiscent of the days of dial-up. The abrupt turn offs that weren’t even preceded with so much as a good night kiss.

Most recently though, my battery died. Not dying, but dead. Not necessarily a big deal. But I’ve replaced it before. And the cords. Numerous times.

So, as I savor my virtual friend’s final days, I realize a few things.

First, I must function in the immediate vicinity of an outlet. As long as my cord holds up and I have a place to plug in, I can operate. If I step away from the juice, my laptop is nothing but a paper weight.

Second, I’ve been thinking lately about how this connectedness applies to Psalm 1, which talks about a wise man who is like “a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither, and in whatever he does, he prospers.”

Third, although my physical body seems to be decaying at a rate comparable to my laptop, the Bible says that our inner man ( or woman), is being renewed. But that renewal only comes by being connected to the life-giving Source.

I have found that my life lately has been running an uncanny similarity to my computer.

I feel old.


I get overly hot sometimes. (Won’t go there.)

My memory’s too full to be able to recall things easily.

I operate so slowly some days, the best I can do is reboot.

I have more screens open than my limited system can handle.

And lastly, I have run out of juice. I MUST stay connected to power at all times if I am to function at all. That is the power of the Holy Spirit. Because my internal power is kaput.

Like that tree that is not just planted but FIRMLY planted by water, I too must plant, deposit, lodge, take up residence with the Source of my strength. That means not just running over for a drink occasionally, but living in it, letting it permeate me through and through.

Until my last blue screen. Are you firmly connected to the Source?

6 thoughts on “The Blue Screen of Death”

  1. Excellent post, Mary. I’m familiar with both the blue screen of death and the power drain that is life. Your analogy was spot on.
    Hope the days of life support for both you and your laptop are leading to recovery and fullness. Well, ok, that might be speaking optimistically for the laptop. 😉


  2. So true! I’m worn out too. By God’s grace alone, do I keep moving. 🙂 The older I get, the harder everything is. I need an upgrade too! Good terminology!


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