Fire in the Soul: What Lasts & What Burns

Fire is once again raging nearby in our state. While the memories of last year’s infamous Waldo Canyon fire are still fresh in my mind, the high heat, dry conditions and wind are a familiar backdrop.

My heart aches for those who have evacuated and others who lost homes and precious contents not so easily replaced.

I remember the evacuation process like it was yesterday. We sold our home and were waiting to close escrow when both the house we were buying and the one we were selling went under evacuation with a fire growing in between the two.

Scary. And complicated.

In sifting through for evacuation items to take, our two children had opposite reactions. One picked up a handful of items and didn’t care about anything else. The other cried and desperately wanted to take everything.

As I stood in each room looking around at stacks of boxes taped neatly shut, I wondered how the sum of one’s life could be reduced to a mound of cardboard.

What was truly important after all? What was not replaceable?

Today I ask these same questions but not of my earthly possessions but of my heart, my life, my faith. What will last through the final fire?

“That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1:7

Scripture reminds me that this world is not my final home. On the day that I evacuate this earth for good, I won’t need boxes or tape, or to pack a thing.

All that is needful, all that will survive the fire is my faith in Christ. All that will come with me will be that which brings Him praise, honor and glory.

With this in mind, how therefore should I be living? What about you – do you have fire assurance?

4 thoughts on “Fire in the Soul: What Lasts & What Burns”

  1. Mary, So good to accidentally find you as I was googling your name…wondering if you are very near this fire. Praying for your safety.

    You are absolutely right. This world is not our home. And, aren’t we glad. God has more for us than we can ever imagine. But it is so easy to grasp this life and the things in it. Now and then, we are reminded that temporal things are just that, temporal. That which will last forever is the thing most worth grabbing and holding onto, and that is our life in Christ. As my mom is slowly losing her eyesight, Jesus our Rock and the worth He bestows on us should become clearer and clearer. When all else is gone, Christ remains.

    Thank you for your wise reminders. Love to you all.


    1. Diana!

      So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the prayers. We were not directly affected by the fires but it certainly has had an impact on our community. So sad – two years in a row! This fire destroyed almost 500 homes. Of course we know it is just stuff, our eternal home is very secure! 🙂

      Love to you & your family!


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