Promises, Promises


Promises as a child often consisted of nothing more than the simplistic motto “cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye.” Did you ever encounter death by way of a self-inflicted puncture wound to the eye? Yeah, me neither.  Yet I’m pretty sure I didn’t always keep my promises.

Hopefully as adults we’re a little better at doing what we say we will. But unfortunately, we still fall pitifully short. I know I do.

But there is One who always keeps His promises without fail. He always does what He says He will. He does not need to put His hand on the Bible and promise to tell the truth. He is the truth. And His promises are true.

This is a reassuring anchor for my soul. The Bible calls Him our place of refuge. We can run to Him and trust He will be there for us.

Living in a world that is constantly changing chaos, I find myself in need of refuge more and more often.

Last year was hard. Understatement. In many ways, it was the worst year ever. Pain abounding.

But, it also held many wonderful things. The problem was valleys created deep crevice wounds in my soul that often left me on the injured reserve list.

I spent much time in refuge. And God was waiting for me there. Comforting me, healing me, restoring my strength and then, sending me back out to the front line. Many times I played injured, concealing my wounds, but still I played because the Coach called me to suit up.

I don’t know what this coming year will bring. But one thing is sure. I know I have a refuge and I have a heavenly Father who keeps His promises. And if the world around me falls apart this year, I will choose to take refuge in His promises.

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