Morning Glory

Morning Glories with Psalm 57 8

When I was a young girl, I lived in a small town in upstate New York. It was the kind of town with a volunteer fire department and a noon day whistle.

One particular day when I heard that sound, I ran home as fast as I could. I yelled over my shoulder to my friend that I wanted to see the morning glories close.

You see, I figured that somehow built magically into these botanical beauties was the innate ability to tell time and at the strike of 12pm, they would roll their petals up tight.

And I wanted to be there to see it.

I was disappointed to find out the process is a tad bit slower than that.

But, even as an adult, I am still in awe that these floral creations unwind every day into full bloom to greet the morning sun. Then they bask in the radiant solar warmth. And when temperatures dip, they close up shop for the night.

However, besides their beauty, the morning glory is also known for its hardiness and adaptability. Once it is given a place to vine, it grows amazingly fast.

The ones blooming in the above picture were wrapping around a mailbox in a tiny patch of dirt in the middle of the sidewalk. Not the most ideal of locations for a healthy plant to take root. But it wasn’t deterred. Although it was not set in a perfectly tilled and fertilized garden, it thrived nonetheless.

I wondered if I might take a lesson.

“Look at the lilies and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.” Luke 12:27

When all you have is just a smidgen of what you think you need. Maybe it is enough.

When we are intrinsically designed to bring glory in the morning, every morning, why would we stay closed and miss the warmth of the morning sun that sustains us. Feeds us. Nurtures our growth.

Throw your arms open wide.

Soak in the Son. And as you do, let your full beauty unfurl and give glory.

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