I choose to celebrate #alittlebitofchristmas every day

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For a Christian, there is nothing worth celebrating more than the birth of our Savior. Love come to earth. A love that gave us gifts. Joy. Peace. Salvation.

But do we actually enjoy those gifts in the daily madness of the holiday season as we prepare for Christmas day?

We pack our schedules with one more thing. We rush. We decorate. We bake. We shop. We wrap. We host. We go to bed exhausted from trying to do it all. And we pray by December 25th, it will be all worth it. That all our craziness for the 24 days leading up to Christmas day was worth it. That it is all good enough.

Because on that day, we stop. We rest. We enjoy. We open gifts from family and friends. We remember the gift of our Savior.

But what if instead of waiting until December 25th, we could unwrap a little bit of the gift of Christmas today? What if we chose to look for and appreciate the small things we might easily miss if we weren’t looking. To intentionally look for joy, peace, salvation.

My friend, Beth Vogt, and I are teaming up to do just that. Each day leading up to Christmas we will provide a little snapshot of the holiday. A daily gift. A square in an advent calendar to open.


So, slow down for just a moment, enjoy these snapshots. Better yet, join in with us. What little bit of Christmas do you see around you today?


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